Well, it’s really much more than that…

The idea of Burger Up was born in November of 2008. Founder Miranda Whitcomb Pontes was brainstorming with a developer friend about a concept that could thrive in the corner space at 12th and Paris in the 12 South district of Nashville. They dreamt of a quality burger place… a community-driven restaurant… a place where people of all ages would feel welcome… a place appropriate for a business lunch, a first date, or an anniversary. That place is Burger Up.



The late Mike Pontes was the owner and operator of the Cool Springs restaurant. He crafted all the tables, chairs and bar, which creates Burger Up’s warm aesthetic. We used Nick Dryden, who designed the original Burger Up, to give the Cool Springs location the same look and feel as 12 South. The Franklin property was previously a burger place, but needed to be transformed into the upscale-yet-inviting space we now know and love.

Mike established himself very quickly with the clientele and had an immediate impact on everyone he encountered. The community and anyone that had the pleasure of his company were deeply saddened when he passed away in early March 2012. However, as you dine and experience Burger Up Cool Springs you can see his labor of love in the venue and know this place is an expression of himself.

Mike’s group of investors have been a part of the process of Burger Up Cool Springs from day one, as they took on the commitment of continuing Mike’s vision. They played a big role in pushing the brand and giving people the Burger Up experience that is synonymous with good service and great food in a relaxing environment. With the help of the staff and members of the community, Burger Up Cool Springs will be a destination for all walks of life.




The response from the great people in Franklin has been amazing. The community has embraced this concept among the corporate giant restaurants of Cool Springs. The love for Burger Up and our concept is making a difference in the community after they taste and recognize the quality product they are experiencing. The realization that we are serving something natural and good for your body is beginning to have an impact.

We can’t predict the future and we can’t change the past, but what we can do is be more diligent about what we are putting in our bodies by practicing and embracing “thoughtful consumerism.”


Burger Up has taken great care in sourcing as many products as possible from local farms that treat their animals well and use sustainable practices. The philosophy is that it not only feels better knowing where your food comes from, it tastes better too. An ever-expanding array of Tennessee-area farms are represented on our menu.

The idea to do another Burger Up in Franklin just made sense, as that’s where the beef is from. Triple L Ranch is the major beef supplier for 12 South and the reason we have such a loyal following. We were excited to share the love and use another great farm in Williamson County, so at Burger Up Cool Springs we use Bear Creek Farm. We’re grateful for our union with Bear Creek since they, like Triple L, have love and respect for the product and it shows in the quality of the beef.